What is AuxComm
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AuxComm is a newly defined position within the Comunications Unit (COMU)
of the Incident Command System(ISC). It defines the position and function
of a Public Service Trained amateur radio operator.

What is the ICS

The Incident Command Structure (ICS) is mandated by the President of the United States at the organizational infrastructure for any and all government and volunteer organizations preparing for and responding to emergency and disaster situations.

The Incident Comand System is designed as a scalable infrastructure depending on the scope and magnitude of the emergency.
  • The scale of an ICS implementation for a national emergency requires an extremely large organization.

  • The scale of an ICS implementation for a state-wide emergency requires smaller organization.

  • The ICS organization for Palm Beach County can be seen on page 51 of the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

  • County government organizations such as fire and police departments and all volunteer organizations such as American Red Cross, Salvation Army, United Way, CERT,etc, must all operate under an ICS structure.

  • The ICS for an individual CERT may only be a few people, but its organization under ICS is required for ANY volunteer or government agency operating in a emergency or disaster environment.

What is the Communications Unit (COMU)

Within the ICS, the Incident Commander supervises the Logistics Section, which supervises the Service Branch, which supervises the Communications Unit(COMU).(page 6)

What is the AuxComm Position

There are 8 positions identified in the COMU (page 8-14). Depending on the size and complexity of your ICS structure all of these positions might not be required or staffed. Please note that AuxComm position is under the COML, but specific duties have not been solidified yet.

(Page 14)

What are the AuxComm Skills

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